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Step 1: Fill out the form below to customize your shop, with your store's brand and information. You only need to click the button below once, it might appear nothing happens, but we get a text everytime you click, so please don't spam us :)

Step 2: If your on this step congrats on your new store and welcome. Now we need to get your store set up and List your stores items on Furniture Browser. No worries a representative will be reaching out to you within 24 hours to help get your store open and answer any questions.

Join Co-Op Advertising

For shop owners who are serious about building a profitable store we all know the more eyeballs on your furniture items the faster it will sell. Alone $299.95 will not make much of a dent but when you pull your resources say 15 to 30 stores then you are competing with the large box stores. This is what being a member gives you:

Click the Get Started button to pay a monthly $299.95 member fee (cancel anytime), after payment you will be redirected back here. Please use your stores phone number below.

How Do I Add Items To My Store?

You have 2 options, you can manually add items to your stores backend dashboard, or for members. Simply create an Instagram post of your furniture item, once your store is live. It will check your Instagram feed every 15 minutes and take your new posted furniture and syndicate to all your social accounts and various other top local furniture blogs and websites, and various classified sites. The best part is it will automagically be ready for sale in your Furniture Browser shop.

How Do I Collect Payments For My Furniture?

We integrate with Paypal trusted by major ecommerce sites like eBay, you provide your Paypal buyer ID and set your sales tax rate and that is all that is needed to take payments on your shop 24hrs a day. Paypal also offers a great multi payment financing option which makes it even easier for customers to pay for your furniture.

What If I Don't Want A Buy Now Option?

No problem in your dashboard you have the option to turn off the BuyNow option and use the Make Offer button active. Customers will create offers that get sent to your dashboard under the offers tab. Or maybe you turn on both options, it's your choice.

Can I Sell Furniture From Another Store Or Dealer?

Yes, we made it easy for you to sell affiliate furniture items in your dashboard simply enter your affiliate link and select affiliate option to turn it on.

How Come I Can Only Show One Picture Per Item?

For items that need more detail than just one photo, create a video and post on You can make it private all you need is the embed link to add to your dashboard to add the video option to your listings.